When Your Creativity Shines You Really Thrive!


When it comes to creativity, how creative would you say you are? Seriously lacking the creativity gene so a “1”? Or creativity oozes out of you so a “10”? We tend to think about creativity in terms of you either have it or you don’t. The truth is that we are ALL creative – yes…

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The Secret to Slaying Your Confidence Killers


Confidence – what would you do if you had more confidence? The shift from confident to not so confident often takes place in the blink of an eye! And some days you have confidence in spades. Other days…confidence feels elusive. Confidence is a curious thing! And before we tackle what’s killing your confidence, let’s explore…

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Shh! The Secret to Giving Powerful Feedback!


Giving feedback takes skill and practice, but it something worth investing in because it directly impacts your ability to lead in critical ways! Too often leaders give what I refer to as foolish feedback – feedback that is vague, making it impossible to repeat or improve your performance. Or it’s negative and crushing to hear.…

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12 Fantastic Ways Life Coaching Helps You!

Life Coaching

Coaching – have you noticed that everywhere you turn these days, you bump into a coach? But what does a coach actually do? How do they help you? I enjoy meeting new people, and one of the questions I like to ask is “what are you most excited about right now?” It offers up all…

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