6 Amazing Reasons To Embrace Your Creativity

Embrace Creativity

When you hear the word “creativity” what comes to mind?

Perhaps artistic endeavors that include paint, brushes, canvas, clay, and a host of other mediums.

Or maybe the word creativity conjures up images of dancing, writing, or decorating.

Of course, creativity is a key element of all of those activities, but creativity is much bigger than that!

Creativity is a way of being, a way of seeing, and a way of engaging with the world. What if you were to approach life and work with a creative twist?

Whatever you do, there’s the opportunity to infuse a little more imagination. Problem solving, leading, selling, customer service, running a business – there’s room for more creativity!

Think Back…

It’s such fun to observe my grand kids at play because they weave a little creativity into whatever they do! They have the space in their lives to explore, discover, and create. They aren’t bogged down by the constraints you and I place on ourselves.

I witnessed the same thing in my own three kids. They were always creating something! In fact, any time my youngest son saw that I was held captive by washing dishes, putting on make-up, or in a posture to listen, he would recount for me in great detail the latest world he’d invented. These descriptions were amazing! And lengthy and frankly way over my head. It was clear that he had invested a great deal of thought and energy into those magnificent worlds! His imagination was, and continues to be, impressive!

Sadly, as adults, we often view creativity and imagination as child’s play. We allow responsibilities, trying to matter, trying to be enough, fear, and more to crowd out creativity. And we suffer. We work harder. Burnout and frustration follow. What if the solution was to makes space for creativity?

What if you were to approach your life and work from a more creative vantage point? Make space for creative endeavors AND do life with a creative flair? After all creativity…

1. De-Stresses Your Brain

Chronic stress shrinks the brain. It literally kills brain cells. And stress changes the brain’s structure, sometimes permanently.

The brain is made up of gray matter, which you need for decision-making and problem-solving, and white matter, which connects and communicates with other areas of the brain. When stressed, production of the white matter gets amped up, and gray matter production goes down. Practically speaking, it means you have less of what you need to make decisions and solve problems.

On the flip side, engaging in creative activities actually lowers stress and anxiety. That’s a pretty powerful incentive to find a creative outlet! And why not approach whatever you are up against with a dose of creativity too! Not only will you be less stressed but perhaps come up with some amazing new solutions as well!

2. Leads To New Results

Where are you feeling stuck or not getting the results you desire?

Where are you dissatisfied?

Those are great places for a healthy dose of creativity!

It’s no mystery that doing the same thing but expecting different results it the definition of insanity, but we often do just that.

Is it time to venture out and try something new and creative?

3. Forces You to Grow

Yes! Just by choosing to embrace more creativity in your life, you will naturally have to makes some powerful changes like…

      • Stepping out of your comfort zone to try something new
      • Being comfortable with the possibility of failing – being more creativity is all about experimentation
      • Learning from your failures
      • Managing your time differently so that you have the margin required for creativity
      • Slowing down so that you are able to train your brain to think more creatively

4. Invites You to Dream

There is no dreaming without creativity. When was the last time you imagined what could be in your life or work? Without a dream or vision, you will remain right where you are!

5. Challenges Your Assumptions

It’s human to have assumptions, but assumptions are often what holds us back. If you are 100% satisfied with where you are – great!

But if you want to keep moving forward and step into all that God has for you, begin to challenge your assumptions, ways of thinking, and beliefs. Some will survive and others will vanish, swinging the door open for creativity to operate in your life.

6. Begets Creativity

Applying creativity in little ways in any area of your life opens the door to more and more creativity in others aspects of your life. It’s like exercising a muscle. As it gets stronger, it will be easier to use that muscle in other areas. The added bonus: as you begin to get better results, you’ll be motivated to apply creativity to more areas of your life!


Here’s something to ponder: where in your life would introducing some creativity benefit you most?


Have you fallen into some predictable patterns in how you spend time with those you love? What are some creative new ways that you might invest in your relationships? How can you get more creative about carving out the time needed to nurture your relationships in the way they deserve?

Relaxation & Leisure?

Yes, you need leisure in your life! I often see professionals put all their efforts into their work and before you know it, they don’t have a life. They’ve become one-dimensional creatures, which actually works against them in their work. Did you catch that? Working all the time negatively impacts your life!  You need blocks of time relaxing and engaging in activities that fuel your soul. That’s why God established a rhythm of rest right from the beginning.


Your business, job, ministry, volunteer role – whatever you do, have you figured out how to keep it in check or are you working too much? Too busy?

What do you need to let go of? Are the tasks that take up your time actually the tasks that will lead the results you desire? Get creative! Find ways to work smarter rather than harder.


What’s your perspective on money? Do you operate form a place of abundance or a place of scarcity?

Does budgeting make you grumpy? How can you switch things up to make money matters more palatable?

What creative financial goals do you have? Who might you bless?


Learning is a lifelong endeavor! Feel like you don’t have the time? Learning is possible even in small chunks over time – 15 minutes a day of reading or researching makes a difference.

What new information would serve you best? Learning how to improve your marriage? New skills for your career? Maybe learning a new hobby?

Making space to take a class, participate in a webinar, or go to a conference might require a little…creativity!


It’s easy to get into a rut with God. How might you creatively keep your relationship with God fresh?


Want a more active lifestyle? What simple changes would facilitate that? Here’s the opportunity for you to get creative! A standing desk?  Getting up 30 minutes earlier? Parking further away from the office to get in a stroll before and after work? How will you breathe new life into your work outs?


How might you connect with your emotions and express them more creatively? The options are endless, but here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

There are so many ways to creatively stay in touch with your emotions!

What area of your life is in need of more creativity?

How will you make space for creativity?

Start small and pay attention to what shifts for the better when you give yourself permission to be creative!

Marvae Eikanas

Marvae Eikanas is an author, entrepreneur, ICF certified coach, Career Direct Consultant, DISC consultant, and HBDI practitioner. She helps her coaching clients sharpen their skills, face their fears, eliminate funky mindsets, hone their habits, and cultivate clarity so they can THRIVE personally and professionally. Schedule a consultation with Marvae here.

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