How to Get Results Without Being Bossy

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Once upon a time there was a little girl who was smart and full of ideas. She was naturally organized, creative, and able to come up with a system for just about anything. She loved to read, sew, draw, write letters, and play baseball with the boys. There was just one little tiny problem -she was bossy! She kept her younger brothers in line – they hated it! When the neighbor kids played school, she was the teacher, again! And guess who managed the lemonade stand? I hate to admit it, but that little girl was me. I have learned … Read More

6 Steps to Becoming a Leader Others Want to Follow

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I am a wave-with-a-smile kind of gal. On my daily walks in my neighborhood, I make it a habit to wave and smile at everyone that passes by. This has not always been the case. In the past, I have been a wave-with-a-smile-if-you-waved-first kind of gal like Mr. Frank (not his real name), a loveable but crotchety older gentleman in my old neighborhood that shared my love of walking. He would complain daily about how unfriendly everyone in the neighborhood was each time we crossed paths. One day I finally asked Mr. Frank, “Do you wave and smile at everyone … Read More

What Lingers?

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Aromas leave a vast array of experiences behind, ranging from healing to offensive. Some scents are relaxing, while others make your mouth water. There are other scents that disgust us. Just the other day my husband arrived home hours after my bread had finished baking and he could still enjoy the smell. Scents linger long after. The same is true for leaders. The aroma you leave behind either enhances or hampers your influence. It doesn’t matter if you lead at home, work or in ministry, your character and what you stand for is important. How others experience you and your … Read More