Less Conflict, More Peace

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Peace – who doesn’t crave it? The idea of calm, stillness, and tranquility is incredibly appealing! Simply put, peace is the absence of conflict. As I observe those around me during the holidays, or really any time of the year, the vibe is anything but peaceful. Last week, I shared the role your personality plays in conflicts. Your personality is surprisingly predictable, but did you know there is an even more powerful factor in your conflicts? A factor that is just as predictable? Fear. My kids and I did our fair share of science experiments together. That was just one … Read More

The #1 Problem: Conflict

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Technology and I have a precarious relationship; we are not always friends. Recently, my computer refused to play nice! After clicking on something, it was hard to tell whether I’d actually clicked in the object or if it was just taking it’s time to do its thing! Every day it got just a little bit slower until I spent more time waiting than working! Needless to say, that computer’s been replaced by a speedy new one and I’m not missing the old one even a little bit. Technology is great until it isn’t! When it works, it’s magnificent. And when … Read More