20 Reasons to Stop Playing it Safe & Take More Risks

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Noah was a man willing to take risks. Have you ever put yourself in His shoes? Imagine spending 120 years working on a huge boat for a flood that was supposedly on its way. It would be one thing to work on something in secret, but with a boat that big – that’s tough to hide! Not to mention working on something for 120 years – that’s a long time! No doubt those around Noah thought he was one foolish guy. Noah risked the ridicule of those around him and followed God’s instructions for the ark to a T. Investing … Read More

What Do Preschoolers Do That Most Leaders Don’t?

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If you have talked to a parent of a preschooler recently, no doubt they are weary of the never-ending-question phase their child is in. The question preschoolers ask most frequently: “Why?” It is a short and sweet question that requires deep thought, and often the answer is one we don’t even know. Perhaps that is part of what is exhausting about their never ending inquiries. What makes a preschooler so inquisitive? They are naturally curious and eager to learn. Around the time children head to school, this trend of perpetual questioning trails off. By the time you are a leader, … Read More

Are You Your Own Worst Enemy?

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Being married for thirty years is a big deal! That’s why my husband and I decided to celebrate by pampering ourselves at a luxurious beach resort in the Bahamas. Time away is refreshing and makes space for reflecting, re-evaluating life, and meeting interesting people. Avid readers like my husband and I find devouring books in the sun the perfect way to unwind, so for a good bit of our vacation that’s what we did. When you love reading, you are always on the hunt for great books. You notice what others are reading and are curious if it might be … Read More

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

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It’s a new year and a plethora of opportunities lie ahead. As a driven person, the prospects are energizing! If I am honest, there are also some unresolved challenges lingering in my life. While I have made significant strides and I am inhaler free, I have not yet arrived where I want to be with my breathing. I have been blessed with a difficult person to deal with, and I must confess I took on more than I should have over the holidays – still catching up! Like you, I am still a work in progress! While these difficulties are … Read More

9 Powerful Benefits to Making This One Change

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If there was one change you could make that would positively impact every other area of your life, would you be willing to make the change? Would you be willing to commit 30 minutes at least 5 times a week if you knew it would make you more productive? I know – life is moving fast, sometimes way too fast! I feel it too. It can be tough to keep up with home and work responsibilities, not to mention staying connected to other people. The first two things we cut out of our schedule are spending time with God and … Read More

Your Invisible Fence

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Did you know that the Friday after Father’s Day is Take Your Dog to Work Day? I confess this was news to me! Allergies and a daughter with a fear of dogs that is sensed from miles away have kept us a dog-free family. We have had neighbors with dogs, though, and here in the South it is much more common for dog owners to have an invisible fence rather than the 6’ variety that was common when we lived in California. The nice thing about an invisible fence is that even in the front yard there are no obstructions … Read More

What are Your Reflexes Revealing About You?

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You have donned the backless gown. Sitting there with your legs dangling over the side of the examination table you feel vulnerable. The doctor pokes and prods and then takes out the reflex hammer and whacks you a good one on your knee. Seconds later it is over and the doctor has moved on to the next part of the examination. Ever wonder what in the world the knee whacking is all about? Most likely you know the doctor is testing your reflexes, but why? I am no MD, but in simple terms the doctor is checking your nerve responses. … Read More