Preschoolers Do This Better Than Most Leaders!

Leadership Questions

Questions, questions, and more questions! If you’ve spent any time with preschoolers, you know that they are full of questions! The question preschoolers ask most frequently: “Why?” It’s a short and sweet question that often requires deep thought before responding. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how to articulate “the why” in terms that a preschooler…

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Quit Sabotaging You & Your Amazing Team


Sabotaging happens! Leading a big responsibility that requires you to navigate a demanding schedule, deal with a multitude of personalities, and complete an endless list of tasks in an effort to achieve lofty goals. Along the way, it’s not uncommon for leaders to sabotage themselves and sabotage their team. When that happens, everyone loses! Nearly…

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Yes! Criticism Stings! Make it A Positive


There’s no denying it – criticism often stings! On a sunny summer day a few years back, my daughter was merrily mowing the lawn – her way to earn a few extra bucks. Everything was proceeding per usual until suddenly the sound of the mower stopped and hysterical shrieking ensued. The shrieking was so intense…

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Expectations! Your People Can’t Read Your Mind!


Expectations! We all have them, and it’s a common problem among leaders. They expect their people to know exactly what they want done and are amazed and annoyed when it doesn’t happen. Perhaps not consciously, but you’ve made that mistake too. Think about it, unspoken expectations, aka assumptions, are dangerous! They wreak havoc in your…

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3 Ways To Keep Your Leadership Fresh


Leadership – it’s a big responsibility! When conversing with leaders, I hear the words demanding, overwhelming, never-ending, lonely, and challenging frequently. Those words sound like a recipe for burnout. And that’s not a happy feeling! To make matters worse, operating at max or maybe overflowing capacity, leaves very little room for doing what leaders do…

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Lead With Success – Bigger Isn’t Better

Leadership - Less is More!

I want to lead with greater effectiveness – greater success. Over the years as I’ve held various leadership positions and I have yet to arrive! There’s always room for growth and opportunities to get better. And who doesn’t want to be a better leader? The question is: what is it that makes you a better…

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7 Ways to Empower Your Team

Leadership Empower

It’s nearly impossible to accidentally empower your team. It takes being intentional along with a generous dose of creativity, a splash of imagination, and, of course, a whole lot of vision. It all starts with the ability to see the potential in your people before it’s fully visible. Have you ever known someone who was…

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10 Things That Motivate Better Than Money

Motivate - not money

When motivation is high, productivity and engagement are too! Unfortunately, the reverse is also true: when motivation is low, productivity, engagement, and morale take a nose dive. The similarities between leading and parenting are there. For example, have you ever noticed that the more you have going on, the more issues your children seem to…

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Shh! The Secret to Giving Powerful Feedback!


Giving feedback takes skill and practice, but it something worth investing in because it directly impacts your ability to lead in critical ways! Too often leaders give what I refer to as foolish feedback – feedback that is vague, making it impossible to repeat or improve your performance. Or it’s negative and crushing to hear.…

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Yes! Lots More Positive PLEASE!

Who doesn’t crave a little more positive in their life or work? I know I do! ? Stewardship is one of my Top 5 values. It encompasses a lot for me, including stewarding my time, money, resources, and my health. Exercise, proper rest, a positive mindset, healthy habits, and nutritious eating all add up to…

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