6 Obstacles To A Life Bursting with Gratitude

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Change follows a shift in thinking. Without a shift in your thinking, the odds are good that even with tremendous willpower you will drift back to your old ways. Beliefs are woven intricately into the tapestry of your life, making them hard to put your finger on, hard to isolate and identify. And tricky to see all that your thread of thought is connected to. As a coach, there is nothing more rewarding then witnessing a shift in a client’s thinking. That “Ah ha” moment is priceless! I get just as tickled when working with my own coach and the … Read More

10 Things You Need to Quit… Yesterday!

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A sticky note that reads "Today, I will quit..."

Quitting – no one likes to be a quitter. There is a certain stigma associated with quitting. Yet sometimes, hanging on is the worst decision there is! Quitting can feel like failure… or giving up… or not being determined enough to see something through. It is an ending, and endings are hard. In addition to the pain, it can feel like it is marring your character. Too often you linger on letting something continue to drain you rather than having the courage it takes to quit and take a fresh course. That’s why quitting is not for wimps! There is … Read More

Let it Go! 7 Things You Might Be Holding On To

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Routines are something I naturally gravitate towards. They just feel right. My favorite routine is my morning routine that includes time with God, planning my day, and some kind of exercise. A routine may not sound very exciting – doing the same thing day in and day out. Sometimes it is flat – free of profound moments. Then suddenly, God shows up in that predictable space with a powerful life changing insight. Nothing routine about that! For me, routine is about being disciplined. It is about regularly creating that space for God to speak to me and trusting that He … Read More

Six Hazards of Hurrying

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I won’t tell you how many years I have been driving – let’s just say more than 30. In that time, I have had the heart racing experience of being pulled over for speeding twice. The crazy thing is that those unfortunate moments were less than a month apart! My explanation: wedding planning distraction. That gives you a clue to how long ago it was. My mind often wanders down some interesting paths. Today I was thinking: What it would be like if the speed of my life was monitored in the same way my driving speed is? I think … Read More

Take the Wheel; Driving Your Own Life

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On my 16th birthday, I passed my driving test and earned my driver’s license. It was my ticket to independence, and I was elated! Along with the independence came responsibility: abiding by traffic laws, maintaining a car, filling it with gas and getting a job to make it all possible. Suddenly life was a little more complicated, but the freedom was more than worth it! Years later, when I nervously sat in the passenger’s seat as each of my three children learned to drive, I once again longed for my independence. Allowing less experienced drivers tote me around was challenging. … Read More

What’s Around the Edge?

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Ever feel like the fast forward button has been pushed? Even with all the advanced technology it seems like more and more must fit into a day. The days of rocking on the front porch, sipping tea and shooting the breeze is a thing of the past – or is it? No matter how demanding life gets, I still chose how I will use my time. Tasks may come my way that I can’t avoid, and some seasons are busier than others. Ultimately what my life is about is up to me. This season for me includes keeping up with … Read More

What’s the Big Deal?

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When my oldest son was younger, like many young children, he whined and cried when things didn’t go his way. He heard the phrases “stop whining” and “stop crying” so often that he would reply with, “I am not cryning.” Recently, God has been gently pointing out all the “cryning” I have been doing. When life is uncertain the human thing to do is grumble, complain, whine, or cry. The “in-between” places in life are uncomfortable. While the Israelites were “in-between” in the wilderness they grumbled and complained about God’s miraculous provision. Sadly, I do the same thing. The past … Read More