Take the Wheel; Driving Your Own Life

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Photo of a steering wheel in a classic car

On my 16th birthday, I passed my driving test and earned my driver’s license. It was my ticket to independence, and I was elated! Along with the independence came responsibility: abiding by traffic laws, maintaining a car, filling it with gas and getting a job to make it all possible. Suddenly life was a little more complicated, but the freedom was more than worth it! Years later, when I nervously sat in the passenger’s seat as each of my three children learned to drive, I once again longed for my independence. Allowing less experienced drivers tote me around was challenging. … Read More

What’s Around the Edge?

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Photo of wheat against a blue sky

Ever feel like the fast forward button has been pushed? Even with all the advanced technology it seems like more and more must fit into a day. The days of rocking on the front porch, sipping tea and shooting the breeze is a thing of the past – or is it? No matter how demanding life gets, I still chose how I will use my time. Tasks may come my way that I can’t avoid, and some seasons are busier than others. Ultimately what my life is about is up to me. This season for me includes keeping up with … Read More

What’s the Big Deal?

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Illustration of a man with angry words in a speech bubble

When my oldest son was younger, like many young children, he whined and cried when things didn’t go his way. He heard the phrases “stop whining” and “stop crying” so often that he would reply with, “I am not cryning.” Recently, God has been gently pointing out all the “cryning” I have been doing. When life is uncertain the human thing to do is grumble, complain, whine, or cry. The “in-between” places in life are uncomfortable. While the Israelites were “in-between” in the wilderness they grumbled and complained about God’s miraculous provision. Sadly, I do the same thing. The past … Read More