8 Habits to Help You Plug in to Your Positive Side

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Driven and ambitious – that’s me. I think I have been that way since about the time I started walking and talking. Being positive – that’s been more of a struggle. Sadly, for much of my life I have been a “glass half empty” sort of gal. I attribute my lack of positivity to my personality (D/C for those familiar with DiSC) and the environment I grew up in, and a few bad habits, but I have made changes! I want to be positive. Lacking positivity significantly limits my influence, stifles my creativity, and keeps me stuck. Yes, stuck because … Read More

Which of these Four Not-So-Great Attitude Symptoms Do You Have?

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It is that Thanksgiving time of year again! People are hustling to prepare brag worthy meals. Relatives and treasured friends are frantically traveling by planes, trains, and cars to gather together. Others are relishing time off of work and the abundance of football games to watch. In all the frantic activity, it is easy to forget to be thankful – to have a heart of gratitude. How do you know when gratitude is missing? You don’t have a great attitude! Gratitude = a great attitude! Ingratitude = a not-so-great attitude Wondering if you have the ingratitude bug? Which of these … Read More

How Green is Your Thumb?

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Do you have a green thumb (or “green fingers” in the UK)? When it comes to gardening, my thumb is a light shade of green. I have had success with flowers and herbs, but spotty results with most fruits and veggies, except tomatoes and jalapenos. In spite of my lack of amazing success, I still enjoy planting seeds and delighting in the beauty of the flowers or the flavor of home grown food. Whether I enjoy gardening or not, I plant seeds everywhere I go. The seeds I sow will not result in beautiful flowers or tasty fruit because I … Read More