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There’s Hope – Keep Pursuing Your Goals

By Marvae Eikanas | March 2, 2021 |
Goals & Dreams

In the process of reaching your goals, you are sure to encounter a season where it feels like nothing is happening; zilch, nada! Even if you started out enthusiastically, it’s not uncommon to get discouraged when the going gets tough! Think of it this way, your goal is like a 1000-piece puzzle just waiting to…

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4 Road Blocks To Being A Great Leader

By Marvae Eikanas | February 23, 2021 |
Road Block for Leaders

As a leader, you are on a never-ending journey! Life and circumstances are always changing. If you aren’t consistently growing and progressing, you will find yourself facing significant road blocks along the way. When that happens, your leadership suffers. No one sets out to be a subpar leader. The leaders I’ve encountered all want to…

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4 Simple Ways to Expand Your Influence

By Marvae Eikanas | February 16, 2021 |

Influence, is a crucial aspect of leading successfully. With influence, you naturally have a leg up! And the good news: it’s something you can intentionally expand! As a child, were you the leader or the follower? The bent towards influencing others often shows up at an early age. Some children have big ideas and are…

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How To Communicate With More Success

By Marvae Eikanas | February 9, 2021 |

Communication is a part of every day, but often we don’t do it with much success. That leads to misunderstandings, hurt feelings, confusion, and a host of other not so happy experiences. I’ve had to learn the hard way, and I’m still learning how to adjust the way I speak to others in a way…

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The Beauty of A More Connected Life

By Marvae Eikanas | February 2, 2021 |
The Beauty of A Connected Life

When you are connected to your emotions, it’s a beautiful thing! It allows you to have greater clarity, be more present, at peace, and experience joy! The problem is that we live in a world of hurry, pressures, and distractions that make tuning into your emotions tough. Being emotionally disconnected is like attempting to drive…

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Are You on the Path to Success?

By Marvae Eikanas | January 26, 2021 |
Path to Success

Just like you, I want success! The tricky part is determining what success actually is. There are definitions galore! Here are just a few: “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.” -Booker T. Washington “Success is the…

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The Exciting Truth About Imposter Syndrome

By Marvae Eikanas | January 19, 2021 |
Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is something even the most successful people suffer from! While in college, and for a time after I graduated, I worked for Merrill Lynch. It was a God-sent opportunity that allowed me to work full time and continuing being a student at Westmont College. As much as I loved the people at Merrill…

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10 Easy Tips To Enjoying More Margin

By Marvae Eikanas | January 12, 2021 |

Have you noticed that in spite of more time spent at home and fewer places to go during the pandemic, people don’t seem to have any more margin – extra space in their life? As humans, we have a crazy capacity for filling our lives up and stretching ourselves thin. Filling our schedules to the…

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The #1 Reason You Never Reach Your Goals

By Marvae Eikanas | January 5, 2021 |

January is the perfect time to set personal and professional goals! Setting goals – that’s the easy part! Reaching them – that’s a different story. So, what keeps people from successfully achieving their goals? They fail to maximize their time! And sadly, if you peel away the layers, you’ll find that a lack of valuing…

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Get GREAT Results & Still Be Relaxed

By Marvae Eikanas | December 22, 2020 |

Every year takes on a vibe of its own, including what it takes to get results. Some years are about growth, letting go, or abundant blessings. Other years are about sweet events like the birth of a child, a marriage, or travel adventures. 2020 took us all by surprise! What a massive interruption, not just…

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