The Happy Middle

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I was surprised to learn that there are at least 32 songs about “meeting in the middle”. Don’t believe me? You can check it out here for yourself. Meeting in the middle is just another way of saying “meet me halfway” or “compromise”. The word compromise may feel a bit undesirable – after all, it implies that you will have to give something up. In reality, without a compromise, two opposing people, ideas, or ways of doing something are doomed to fail. In that context, compromise sounds pretty sweet. The inability to compromise – isn’t that what we’re witnessing with … Read More

Give Yourself Permission – What Are You Waiting For?

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She’s full of spunk and determination. She wants what she wants, and she communicates her desires with gusto as she points her sweet chubby little finger. (You may remember me mentioning her confidence here.) Still lacking the words to communicate her desires verbally, her points are frequently misunderstood. She adores Grammy’s house; unlike her own house it has stairs – two sets! And what fun to do laps from one staircase to the other, over and over and over! To curtail the laps, one evening we closed both doors in the bonus room so that the stairs would be less … Read More

A Blank Canvas

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Image of a blank canvas resting on an easle

There’s a certain thrill in transforming a blank canvas into a work of art. The process of playing with colors and textures to turn an empty page into something wonderful is exhilarating. It doesn’t matter if I’m painting solo or attending a class with friends where an artist is guiding me through the process, painting brings me joy. Oh the possibilities! That’s the bright side! There is also the flip side, where a blank canvas can be daunting. With unlimited options possible, and a blank canvas staring back at me, sometimes I’m at a complete loss as to where to … Read More

Less Conflict, More Peace

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Peace – who doesn’t crave it? The idea of calm, stillness, and tranquility is incredibly appealing! Simply put, peace is the absence of conflict. As I observe those around me during the holidays, or really any time of the year, the vibe is anything but peaceful. Last week, I shared the role your personality plays in conflicts. Your personality is surprisingly predictable, but did you know there is an even more powerful factor in your conflicts? A factor that is just as predictable? Fear. My kids and I did our fair share of science experiments together. That was just one … Read More

The #1 Problem: Conflict

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Technology and I have a precarious relationship; we are not always friends. Recently, my computer refused to play nice! After clicking on something, it was hard to tell whether I’d actually clicked in the object or if it was just taking it’s time to do its thing! Every day it got just a little bit slower until I spent more time waiting than working! Needless to say, that computer’s been replaced by a speedy new one and I’m not missing the old one even a little bit. Technology is great until it isn’t! When it works, it’s magnificent. And when … Read More

Can 5 Words Really Make a Difference?

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Five years ago, I began a new habit; a habit that’s served me well! I began adopting a single word for an entire year – my One Word. This simple small change has resulted in some deep profound learning over the years! And a few unexpected surprises as well! Here’s a quick summary of my One Word experience: 2013 PROACTIVE: Initiating rather than reacting = “response-able” I chose this word because I had a bad habit: complaining rather than taking action. Since complaining is actually advertising my fears, I was determined to put complaining to an end! I didn’t want … Read More

Porcupine Encounters

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You’re sure to encounter “prickly people” just about everywhere you go! And that means there will be some prickly folks at work too – people who rub you the wrong way, rarely have a positive thing to say, and are just rough to deal with. John Ortberg calls those kinds of people “porcupines” in his book Everybody’s Normal Till You Get to Know Them. Since you were created for relationship, you long to be close to others, but when you operate out of the “poke you before you poke me mentality,” it prevents you from successfully enjoying relationships in the … Read More

How to Increase Gratitude & Beat Stress

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Throughout the year there are seasons when the activity level rises: the holidays, before school starts and wraps up – even tax season can make for extra work personally that can be stressful for you as a leader. Extra activity can also be created by unexpected circumstances – good or bad! There are also seasons during the year that leading naturally takes more out of you than normal: leading up to a fundraiser or event, launching a new product, or attempting to hire that right person, to mention just a few. And there are ways you contribute to your own … Read More

8 Signs You Might Be Stuck

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Illustration of a car buried in the snow

In many parts of the world, 10 feet of snow is no big deal. Life goes on! That’s not the case in the south! A few years back while still living in the Atlanta area, we received a measly three inches of snow that shut the town down, literally! Parents were unable to pick up their children, forcing schools to become shelters. The snow storm brought the best out in some as they reached out to help others in need. Others just whooped it up in the snow. The snow turned to ice, stranding thousands of motorists on the interstates … Read More

You Will Find What You Focus On

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The first encounter took place while I was safely protected behind the wheel of my car. It was boldly soaking up the sun in the middle of the street right in front of our house – a black snake. Then, my husband had a surprise meet up with the creature in our garage while cleaning a day or so later. I prefer to assume it was the same snake rather than to think there are two on the loose! That was about a month ago. While I wouldn’t say I have Ophidiophobia (the fear of snakes), I am far from … Read More