Meeting monthly on the third Thursday at 12pm ET
- a space for you to make new discoveries, learn, & grow so you can do what you do better!

Leading is demanding!

Feeling lonely and pulled in multiple directions is tough.
Finding time to develop yourself and grow isn't easy.

You know your are capable of more!

To get the results you're after,
you'll have to do something different!

That's the beauty of The LAB!

It's a safe space where you can explore topics you might not explore on your own.
Topics that will help you lead more effectively and get the results that matter to YOU!

What do you have to lose?

It's easy to participate - The LAB takes place virtually.
There's nothing you need to do to prepare - it all happens in that space!
Not only will you gain great content, but you will also have the chance to interact
and learn from others just like you!

How does it work?

Sign up for the sessions that resonate with you each month on the third Thursday 12pm ET.
The LAB is virtual making it easy to participate.
However, space is limited to 15 participants each month so be sure to sign up now!

I’m Marvae Eikanas. I’m an author, entrepreneur, and professional coach with more than 22 years of leadership experience. I’ve been where you are, and now I’m here to help you get the personal and professional results you desire in The LAB.

In The LAB you'll discover...

Areas you didn't even realize were keeping you from operating in your full potential. - keeping you from being all God created YOU to be!
That's the don't always know what needs to change!