What if you could BREAK THROUGH personally & professionally and be all that God crested YOU to BE!

It's frustrating when you are not getting the results you desire. No one wants to be stuck.

Helping you pinpoint the mindsets, beliefs, and habits that are keeping you from getting where you want to be is what BREAK THROUGH is all about!

When you live life backwards...

You end up putting your energy into mattering more, being enough or other ways of trying to prove you are worthy of whatever you are yearning for! That's exhausting!

To get where you want to be, you will have to do something different!

But what? Too often you don't even know what's preventing you from operating out of your full potential. That's the beauty of BREAK THROUGH - it uncovers what needs to change and provides powerful new ways to do life and work.

What do you have to lose?

You already know what you have been doing is NOT working! It's a wee investment for a  BREAK THROUGH!

And it is a self-paced learning adventure  that includes online coaching every step of the way!

I’m Marvae Eikanas. I’m an author, entrepreneur, and professional coach with more than 22 years of leadership experience. I know what it's like when fear rules and confidence is barely there. I’ve been where you are, and now I’m here to help you BREAK THROUGH!

BREAK THROUGH will help you discover...

All sorts of mindsets, beliefs, that you had not idea were keeping you from operating in your full potential - who God created YOU to BE!
That's the don't always know what needs to change!

Your Fear Monster’s Name

Fear is sneaky and shows up in unexpected ways that prevent you from operating out of your full potential and BEing who God created YOU to BE.

Who God Created You To BE

Focusing on who God created YOU to BE is a shift will all sorts of positive benefits. It truly does change everything!

New Ways to Navigate Life & Work

Perspective is powerful! It's the key to getting the results you are after!  Your perspectives will be challenged in ways that will enable you to take bold steps and achieve your goals! That's exciting!


$59 a one time fee!
  • Access to BREAK THROUGH content and community
  • One-on-one virtual coaching every step of the way!
  • The opportunity to work on your specific goals
Money Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

I’m committed to helping you get the results you are after! And I trust that you will put in the same effort on your end. If you aren’t satisfied with your BREAK THROUGH experience, I’ll refund your money. That’s a no-risk kind of deal!

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