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Here's What Makes The Career Direct Assessment Unique:

  • It's the only asessment that explores the 4 critical areas you need to consider when choosing your career
  • More than 20 years has gone into the development of it along with rigorous testing & validation
  • More than 300,000 (and counting!) have benefited from the Career Direct Assessment
  • It approaches work from a Biblical perspective

Why Work With Me?

  • As A Career Direct Consultant, I've been meticulously trained
  • I'm trained to see valuable insights that you might miss on your own that make a real difference!
  • I have the expertise to assist you in your career search and beyond!
  • I LOVE the work I do, and I'm eager for your child to LOVE their work too! I want them to THRIVE!

Who is Career Coaching for?

Individuals who are...

  • High School Students eager to determine what's next - that's a great time to determine the right trajectory!
  • College students in the brink of entering the job market
  • Switching career direction
  • Re-entering the work force
  • Determining if a promotion is right for you
  • Feeling lost in the work world
  • Being forced to to make a job change - be sure you make the right one!

Did you know that the average adult spends the majority of their waking hours working?

That's why it is critical to find work that's a great fit for your child NOW!
Work that...

  • Is compatible with their unique PERSONALITY
  • Plays to their STRENGTHS
  • INTERESTS them - work they are excited about doing!
  • Aligns with their VALUES!
  • Incorporates their EXPERIENCES

Help your child find the career path that's right for them!

Using the Career Direct Assessment, together we will...

  • Eliminate the guesswork
  • Define the career direction that best suits them so you can make informed decisions together about your future
  • Identify their unique design
  • Establish concrete next steps in their  education & work journey
  • Make navigating the process to finding work your child will LOVE! I'll be there to lend my expertise and support you each step of the way!

Ready To Get Started?

It's easy! Here's what to expect:

1. Schedule a 30-minute phone consultation

Pick a time that works for you & determine if the Career Direct Assessment is right for your child (or you).

2. Connect by phone

Get all your questions answered during your phone consultation. If Career Coaching seems right for you, we'll explore pricing options and schedule a date for your child (or you) to take the Career Direct Assessment.

3. Review Your Child's Detailed Report Together

Virtually or in person - plan on about 2 hours.

Your child will walk away with insights about themselves and the work that's right for them, plus an ACTION PLAN & RESOURCES to assist them as they pursue the path that's in keeping with their design! I encourage parents to be a part of this process.

Money Back Guarantee

Money-Back Guarantee

Ultimately I want you to LOVE the work you do so investing in a Career Direct Assessment & debrief is an amazing way to get headed in the right direction.

I’m committed to providing you with an amazing experience to help you do just that! And I trust that you will put in the same effort on your end.

If you aren’t satisfied with what we are able to accomplish together, I’ll refund your money. That’s a no-risk kind of deal!

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