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Archive for October 2016

6 Guidelines to Rocking Your Leadership Hats!

If you are like most leaders, you barely noticed the gradual addition of hats. In fact, you eagerly welcomed each and every one – they represented growth! Yet, the true weight of so many responsibilities – now that has your attention. When was the last time you slowed down long enough to count your hats…

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Failing Your Way to Success

One of my top five values is relationship! I treasure the people God has placed in my life, and my family is at the top of the list! This past weekend, we celebrated my in-laws birthdays by enjoying a scrumptious picnic at a beautiful state park. Our picnic spot was perched on a hill overlooking…

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Do You Dare to Renovate?

I am hooked on renovation shows! Watching an ugly, outdated, and impractical layout transformed into an amazing workable space is mesmerizing! It makes change exciting! Not only do I appreciate the vision, creativity, and ingenuity it takes, I admire it. Some of my favorite renovation shows include The Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, and Fixer…

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6 Steps to Standing Out as a Leader

Mrs. Jacoby – that’s what my aunt used to call me when I was a little girl. It was her good natured way of saying I was a bit bossy and big for my britches. Later, I attended college not far from where she lived, allowing us to enjoy more time together. Whenever that “large…

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