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Archive for July 2016

Have You Given Up Dreaming?

Let’s be honest, when it comes to dreaming, kids don’t dream up wimpy, flimsy dreams. No! They believe that anything is possible, so they dream big! Huge! My children had very imaginative dreams. They dreamed of being things like a party girl, a Christian singer, Winne the Pooh, or hosting a show on the cooking…

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Stop Feeding Your Fear!

Fire is a destructive force of nature.  It can quickly rage out of control and destroy everything in its path, as witnessed by the many recent wild fires in various parts of the United States. Fighting wild fires – that’s not cheap; in 2012 the cost for fighting fires that consumed 350,000 acres in the…

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12 Sneaky Ways Fear Runs Your Life

Remember being a child and fearing the Boogeyman and the dark? With a little help from your imagination, ordinary things became terrifying monsters that sent you running to mom and dad for comfort. Fear doesn’t discriminate – If you are human, you have fears. While you may have moved past being afraid of the Boogeyman,…

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5 Tips to Help You Survive the Ups & Downs of Life

When I was a teenager growing up in California, summer became official when these three things took place: a day at the beach in Santa Cruz, a week of camp at Alliance Redwoods, and riding the roller coasters at Great America with friends. These things brought me joy! All these many years later, I still…

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