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Archive for February 2016

6 Reasons to Expand Your Concept of Creativity

When you hear the word creativity what comes to mind? For many, the word is associated with artistic endeavors: paint, brushes, canvas, clay, and a host of other mediums. Others might connect creativity with a project or writing. Creativity is much bigger than that! It can be applied to every area of your life. It…

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Creativity – The Key to Thriving in Whatever You Do!

Creativity – people are hungry for it! Have you noticed how popular adult coloring books are these days? You can find them in nearly every store and just as many places online. How about the “sip & paint” type places? They just keep popping up. Or the “real life escape adventures” – if one hasn’t…

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What Climbing Pyramids Taught Me About Goals

Reaching goals is challenging business, especially if you are attempting to reach a stretch goal! Whatever stretches you will be outside your comfort zone. Breaking out of that comfortable place is no easy task! A couple of years ago my husband and I had the opportunity to visit Ek Balam – a recently opened Mayan…

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Are Distractions Sabotaging Your Success?

Running two businesses and having a life that includes the people I love and activities that fuel my soul takes determined focus. Like you, I wrestle with the myriad of interruptions and distractions that divert my focus from what’s really important when it comes to having thriving businesses. My biggest culprit: all methods of communication…

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