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Archive for November 2015

Abundance Mindset: 13 Ways to Activate Yours Successfully

After mama and dada, “Mine!” and “No!” are frequently among a child’s first words. If you are a parent, have worked with children, or have observed children you know that sharing is not something children are naturally eager to do. Helping children grasp the concept of sharing so that they can put it into practice…

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Perception Correction: Do You Need Readers?

Getting older has its perks: more freedom in my schedule, a wider range of experiences to draw upon, and grandchildren, to name a few. There are also some not so sweet bits about getting older. Perhaps the most maddening is the need for readers. Yes, readers! Without them, I feel childlike and illiterate. Keeping track…

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The Key to Slaying Your Confidence Killers

What would you be able to do if you were brimming with confidence? Ever feel like you are on a confidence roller coaster? Some days you have it and other days you don’t? Have you caught a glimpse of your purpose, an inkling of what God has in mind for you, but lack the gumption…

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The Perplexing Thing about Purpose

Children have lofty aspirations! They dream big –the world has a plethora of opportunities! Think back – what did you want to be? Perhaps you aspired to being a firefighter, a doctor; maybe a teacher or the president? Whatever you imagined you could be, it was something heroic and significant in your eyes! The older…

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