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Archive for October 2015

The Power of Passion

Not only is passion easy to spot, it is also contagious; an energy that exudes like the energy that flows from one newly in love. Passion can’t hide – it sneaks out and springs to life when just barely nudged. Unwavering determination – that’s how passion is described, or an internal energy to pursue what…

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What’s Trending: Productivity or Play?

There’s been a little buzz online around the idea of being unproductive lately. The author of one article boasted of wasting time – extended shopping sprees and daydreaming. She proudly stated that she spent “full-on days wasting time.” Another article suggested that the productivity improvements he implemented cost him dearly. While he was able to…

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7 Negative Thinking Patterns to Watch Out For

Taking your cell phone with you wherever you go opens up a myriad of possibilities –possibilities that the old fashioned land lines never offered. Unfortunately some of those possibilities are risky! I speak from personal experience: There are endless ways to destroy your cell phone! The first cell phone I destroyed met its end in…

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Upgrade: 7 Ways to Take Your Thinking to the Next Level

Recently I watched an episode of House Hunters that got me reminiscing. A young twenty-something gal with an appreciation for the character of older homes was searching for her first house. One of her options was an older home with a niche in the hallway. This millennial had no idea what that niche was for.…

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