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Archive for August 2015

7 Reasons to Check Your Hats and Lighten Your Load!

I confess I have been a collector most of my life. As a child I collected a variety of things. Vacations were opportunities to hunt for the right salt and pepper shakers to help me remember the trip – no useless souvenirs for me! Writing letters to my grandmother and various pen pals turned into…

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7 Reasons to Bring Recess to Work

Remember when you were in elementary school and someone asked you what your favorite subject was? More often than not, it was recess! Back then, you relished the free time and the chance to mingle with friends. The fact that it provided a much needed break from the rigors of academic subjects, a chance to…

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Driving Stick and Chasing Dreams: 6 Lessons Learned

Learning to drive is a liberating and slightly terrifying experience. It is one of the first steps on the road to adulthood and future freedom. Like many teens, I eagerly went to the DMV on my 16th birthday to get my driver’s license. And, yes, I did go home with the treasured temporary card in…

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10 Reasons You Might Not Want to Hire a Life Coach

While previously passionate about the power of coaching, I feel even more zealous after attending a coaching conference this past weekend. The coaching process is one I believe in wholeheartedly! As I have worked with my own coach, I am often surprised by the valuable insights that surface that lead to positive changes, increased effectiveness…

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