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The Myth of “Extra-Ordinary”

As a child there were more than a few hints that I was determined and driven. Little things like starting my own library complete with the old school manila pockets in the back of each of my books with the book card neatly stuffed inside. Incidentally… for those of you who are old enough to…

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When Lightning Strikes – 6 Valuable Lessons Learned

Chattanooga has worked hard to establish itself as a hub for innovation. That kind of forward thinking is what brought ultra-high speed Internet to these parts. Living in Chattanooga we are blessed to have access to one of the fastest fiber-optic networks in the country. However, when a powerful storm ripped through and lightning hit…

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How to Wobble Less So You Can Balance Better

Being a grandma has been amazing so far. I get to enjoy the things I loved so much as a mom without sacrificing my sleep, sporting snot or spit up on my shoulder, or being late because of an unexpected explosion. My soon to be three month old grandson is smiling and cooing up a…

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