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Archive for May 2015

7 Reasons to Revise Your Questions

I will let you in on a little secret: I talk to myself in the car. Most people probably think I’m talking on the phone. I talk to myself while working and doing things around the house as well. Sometimes I speak out loud. Other times the dialogue is all internal. Lest you think I…

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7 Keys to Successfully Stepping into Your Big Dream

Summer will be here soon. I look forward to sunshine, pool time, and vacations! For me, the perfect vacation includes the beach, stacks of books, as well as time to relax and dream. The combination of devouring stories or information along with time to process and imagine the possibilities is inspiring. Inevitably, I come home…

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7 Ways to Sabotage Your Big Dream

In my free time, being creative brings me joy. Time has a way of slipping away unnoticed as I put paint to canvas or assemble a project. My mind has time to process while my hands stay busy. My schedule has left little time for my creative endeavors. That’s why I set aside time on…

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Life Out Of Alignment – What’s it Costing You?

Driving a car that is out of alignment can be exhausting. Have you experienced it -wrestling with the wheel to compensate for the pull in one direction or the other? What about the annoying vibrations in the steering wheel or the incessant shaking? By the time you arrive at your destination, you are worn out…

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