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Archive for April 2015

Let it Go! 7 Things You Might Be Holding On To

Routines are something I naturally gravitate towards. They just feel right. My favorite routine is my morning routine that includes time with God, planning my day, and some kind of exercise. A routine may not sound very exciting – doing the same thing day in and day out. Sometimes it is flat – free of…

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18 Ways to Put the Kibosh on Stress

Can I let you in on a little secret? Sometimes this coach gets stressed! You see, I have ambitious goals. I thrive on moving full speed ahead to reach my goals. As I am moving forward in my intense determined way, there are some things that can send me spinning into stress: Lack of margin…

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4 Steps to Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs

For over a century the elephant has been the face of the circus delighting young and old. Elephants are huge and powerful wild animals. In fact, depending on the type of elephant, they can weigh 200 – 250 pounds at birth and reach between 2.5 tons and 7 tons as adults. That’s hefty! How do…

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7 Surprising Steps to Overcoming the Fear of Failure

During a break in a leadership team meeting, the discussion suddenly got interesting. I vividly remember the question being posed: How do you feel about failure? My response was: I do not like to fail. I avoid it at all costs! That response was met with chuckles. Looking back on that memorable moment I see…

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