If you are a leader juggling a variety of responsibilities, coaching can help you focus and achieve your goals. But what is coaching, and how does it work? To help you see the benefits, I’d like to share a story about a friend named Mel.

Meet Mel. He is a talented leader.

He’s smart, ambitious, and skilled. He started his own business several years ago, and it’s taken off like wildfire! Soon after he met the lady of his dreams and a family soon followed.

Mel’s leadership abilities didn’t go unnoticed.

Before he knew it, Mel was offered a ministry role at his church, and he was nominated president of his neighborhood association. Soon, he was wearing multiple leadership “hats” wherever he went.

After a while, Mel’s hats started to weigh him down.

As Mel’s responsibilities grew, he became increasingly stressed and frustrated. He no longer felt like the superstar leader he once was. He felt overwhelmed and ineffective – as if he was failing in all areas of his life. He just couldn’t get to where he wanted to be!

Mel needed a lifeline. So he hired a coach.

Together Mel and his coach re-examined his life, and he began to see which of his hats mattered most to him. Thanks to tools, encouragement, and support from his coach, Mel was able to move forward and not only achieved his goals – he surpassed them! He experienced peace and joy thanks to new sense of clarity, purpose, and a renewed passion for life!

A coach can help you, too!

Now Mel tells everyone, “Why not hire a coach? A new lease on your life personally and/or professionally – you can’t afford NOT to invest in yourself this way!”

What’s your story? How can a coach help you Lead Life Well?

Coaching Is…

  • A way to focus on making the changes you desire in your life personally and/or professionally. You always set the agenda!
  • A partnership that moves you from where you are now, to where you want to be – and even expand your goals.
  • A process that develops confidence, focus, and creativity.
  • A trusted relationship to help you overcome obstacles and get where you have not been able to get on your own.
  • Encouraging! Dream bigger, accomplish more, and enhance your performance.
  • A chance to deepen your relationship with God .
  • A conversation via phone – anytime, anywhere!

Coaching helps you…

  • Set, reach, and expand your goals.
  • Develop your vision or mission statement and get your life on track.
  • Overcome frustrating obstacles with new thinking and approaches.
  • Set values and priorities, and resolve destructive habits.
  • Identify the root causes of recurring problems and move forward.
  • Identify diminishing traits so you can enhance your performance and the performance of those you lead.
  • Increase joy, reduce stress, and get the results that matter most to YOU!

Coaching is great for…

  • Helping you prioritize so you can manage your many responsibilities.
  • Anyone who want to improve their ability to lead and get results!
  • Professionals who want to grow, strengthen their skills, or move up.
  • Employees, ministry staff, or volunteers who want to enhance their performance.
  • Anyone eager to lead a more fulfilling life and walk in what God’s called them to.
  • People who want to lead life well!
  • For those who are feeling stuck and are ready to move forward in their life personally or professionally.

The Coaching Process

Step One


A free 30 minute conversation via phone to explore how coaching can make a positive difference in your life personally or professionally.

Schedule a coffee chat

Step Two


Choose the coaching package that’s right for you!

If you can’t find the perfect package…let’s create one that fits your needs. Ask about our payment plans.

Select a package

Step Three


Once you’ve chosen a coaching package, it’s time to get to work! Connect with Marvae via phone for your sessions – it’s easy, convenient, and saves time!

Step Four


Finished your package but still want to grow? Purchase another package and the GET-TO-KNOW-YOU session becomes a regular session if you purchase within 2 months, or add an individual 1 hour coaching session for $99 anytime in the year following your last session.

Coaching Packages






  • 1 assessment (DiSC, Spiritual Gifts, 360, or Strengths Finders)