This Christmas Give the Gift of Coaching!

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Coaching is the perfect gift for…
  • The ready-to-start-a-new-adventure-in-life-person
  • The person on your list determined to make some changes
  • The leaders in your life
  • Your team
  • The person who has everything
  • Someone pursuing or about to pursue a big dream or goal
  • The over-committed and juggling too much gal or guy
  • The person who wants to take their life to the next level
  • The ambitious one who wants 2018 to be his or her best year yet!
  • The soul who desires more confidence, peace, and balance in their life, relationships or leadership
  • Anyone ready to silence their Fear Monster!
  • YOU!
Coaching is easy to give…

Just contact me here so we can put together an individual coaching package that will meet the needs of that special person, or a group coaching package for your amazing team! All Christmas coaching packages include a DiSC personality assessment… a merry Christmas bonus from me! You can check out my typical coaching packages here. Your coaching gift certificate can be e-mailed directly to you or to the recipient of your gift! That’s it! You can also give Group Coaching (there are new groups forming in 2018) as well as Quest – an email adventure that allows you to put the pieces of your life together!

Coaching – what is it?

Coaching is not counseling, consulting, or mentoring.
Counseling or therapy deals mostly with a person’s past and trauma and seeks healing. (Fixing)
Consulting deals mostly with problems and seeks to provide information, expertise, advice, strategies, and methodologies to solve them. (Telling)
Mentoring deals mostly with succession training and seeks to help someone do what the mentor does. (Modeling)
Coaching deals mostly with a persons present and seeks to guide him or her into a more desirable future.

-Patrick Williams & Diane S. Menendez

Coaching is about making changes. It helps you get from where you are to where you want to be. It might center around things like…

  • Discovering and developing passions
  • Identifying your purpose.
  • Overcoming self-sabotaging beliefs
  • Setting and reaching specific goals.
  • Clarifying your values and integrating them into your life.
  • Developing a mission statement for your life, business, or ministry
  • Learning to relate to people more effectively
  • Developing communication skills
  • Getting unstuck. breaking negative patterns, and moving forward
  • Changing your perspective
  • Expanding your capacity as a leader
  • Building a better team
  • Increasing your self-confidence
  • Learning to take responsibility
  • Becoming more focused and efficient
  • Moving forward!
Coaching… why chose me as your coach?

While there are many reasons, here are three:

  1. My passion is helping people be all that God created them to be! I love to see others succeed! Nothing excites me more than helping my clients get to the heart of the matter so they can make the positive changes they desire!
  2. My commitment to my clients – I am willing to do everything possible on my end to help you make the changes you desire!
  3. My experience – I have more than 28 years of leadership experience, I am a business owner, have juggled oodles of responsibilities, overcome limiting beliefs, and weathered significant changes! I know what it’s like to keep up with life with a chronically ill child, deal with my own health challenges, while keeping up with work responsibilities.  I’ve been there! I have survived those challenges and come out better on the other side!

Ready to explore coaching for yourself or for a gift? Contact me here to get the process started!




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