How to Bring Out the Best in Your People

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It’s spring, so that means happy times in my yard. The weather’s been absolutely perfect for gardening! Watching the flowers in my yard bloom – that brings me joy! Even a trip to the mail box is an adventure because it’s a chance to see what new flowers have arrived on the scene. Flanking our front door, we have some lovely flower boxes. I love the idea of people being welcomed by a colorful profusion of blooms as they come to the door. My flower boxes don’t have the benefit of sprinklers like the rest of my yard. That means … Read More

Up Your Game – Speak the Language of Those You Lead

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Imagine what it would be like to be able to speak the language of anyone you came in contact with. That would be pretty sweet, right? Being able to speak the same language – that opens the door to a whole host of possibilities, while the inability to speak the same language is a barrier. Oh you can wave your arms and point and pantomime like crazy, but communicating in depth – that’s probably not going to happen! Leaders naturally communicate with their teams in their native tongue – the language of their own personality type. In fact, we all … Read More

7 Keys to Empowering Your Team

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It’s been a popular trend in recent years. Have you jumped on the bandwagon – taking discarded or ordinary everyday items and with a little creativity turning them into something unique and new? For some, repurposing cast offs is a hobby – a way of adding key decorating touches to their own home. For others, the opportunity to turn found or inexpensive items into treasures has birthed businesses, financially rewarding their ingenuity. The key to turning discarded or unexpected things into treasures: being able to spot potential, knowing how to turn it into something extra special, and having the willingness … Read More