PROPEL – A Group Coaching Adventure to Help YOU Overcome Procrastination!

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Are you the Queen of Procrastination or the King of Putting Stuff Off? How is procrastinating limiting you professionally? What’s it costing you that you NEVER get to “that”? How is perpetually putting important tasks off keeping you from achieving your goals and the level of success you desire? What’s procrastinating keeping you from? A thriving life? Peace? Getting where you want to be? Join me for a Group Coaching Adventure and put an end to your habit of procrastination! It’s an opportunity for you to… Accelerate your progress on a specific project, task, or habit Overcome the limiting beliefs/thinking … Read More

Coaching Adventures

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Take Off in 2018   Want to make 2018 your BEST year YET? Join me for a Group Coaching Adventure to help you Make 2018 your best year yet! The adventure begins on Thursday, February 1 – March 15 at 7pm EST. PLUS…In addition to the 4 group sessions you get: 1 Individual GET-TO-KNOW-YOU SESSION (1 hour) scheduled prior to the group beginning 1 Private COACHING SESSION (1 hour) following the group sessions to help you stay on track This group includes homework and exercises to help you lay the ground work for an amazing year! It’s just $327 Questions … Read More