How to Communicate Like a Pro!

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It’s rare to meet anyone who has truly mastered the art of communication, even though communicating is something you do every day. For some, drafting an articulate letter or email comes easily, but being able to think on your feet and express yourself well verbally is tough! For others, it’s the other way around. Some are real pros at public speaking while sharing their heart is a whole different story. Even the best communicators experience snags! Emotions, timing, fear, insecurities – they all contribute to making communication complicated. Who hasn’t been haunted by the inability to rewind your words, written … Read More

6 Communication Mistakes that Destroy Morale

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Morale is mysterious and intangible like the wind. You can feel the effects, but the contributing factors aren’t always obvious. When morale is good, you can feel it – everything flows better. Your team has more fun working; there is a surge in creativity, energy, and productivity. The bonus – a better bottom line! When morale is poor, you can also feel it – work becomes frustrating and hard! There is a lag in energy which negatively effects work – both the quality and quantity. Creating an atmosphere in which your people thrive and are able to accomplish the mission … Read More

What’s Your Go To Question?

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Everybody has their own story and unique motivations that prompt them to do what they do. That’s why I enjoy character driven movies, biographies, and meeting new people. People are fascinating! Getting to know someone new is like unwrapping a gift – you just never know how their life will impact and change yours. Sometimes it isn’t even getting to know someone new, but taking the time to go deeper with someone you already know and discovering a side of them that you didn’t know existed. Lately, I have been noticing a sad phenomenon. Perhaps a habit that social media … Read More

Mission Impossible: Expecting People to Read Your Mind

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Unspoken expectations, aka assumptions, are dangerous! They will wreak havoc in your relationships and they will keep your team wandering in the wilderness of failure. One of the most common problems I see among leaders: expecting their people to know exactly what they want and then being amazed and annoyed when it doesn’t happen. In the process, everyone you lead is confused, frustrated, and wasting time, not to mention your credibility is getting crushed! Yikes! Over the past couple of weeks I have had multiple conversations with people on this topic – both from leaders expecting their people to read … Read More

The Proof Is in the Pancake

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Pancakes with maple syrup on a plate

Health is one of my top five values. For me health includes exercise, proper rest, a positive mindset, healthy habits, and nutritious eating. I am always looking for new ways to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet. So yesterday when the Today Show featured a segment on sneaking veggies into your food in a way that would appeal to kids it caught my attention. One of the featured dishes: Broccoli Pancakes. The taste testers were delighted! Since I had already planned to head to the grocery store, I quickly added broccoli to my list. I steamed the broccoli … Read More

Communication is Key – The Personality Piece

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When my daughter was young, I made the mistake of speaking to her the way I would want someone to speak to me. Let’s just say I suffered a bit from “Clone Syndrome.” My list of specific tasks with helpful details went in one ear and out the other. Most days she would dutifully attempt to tackle the first chore only to find something significantly more fun to do along the way. Let’s just say getting chores done was a challenge. Life’s challenges can lead to happy lessons if we take the time to learn them. The chore situation with … Read More

Communication is the Key!

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Buckled in, I had nowhere to go. It only took a few minutes to figure out that the man sitting next to me on my flight home had a lot on his mind. He began by celebrating the fact that he was able to score a seat closer to the front of the plane – the seat that my husband gave up to fly elsewhere for business. The sharing didn’t stop. When the conversation was over, one thing was clear. The happy-go-lucky fellow was on the verge of walking away from his marriage. He was confused and had no idea … Read More

Four Sure Fire Ways Leaders Shoot Themselves in the Foot

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Illustration of a gun shooting a foot

It is a myth that some people are leaders, and others are not. The truth is: we all lead. We may be only leading ourselves, but that is still leading. If you are a parent, ministry or team leader, run a business or have an official capacity at work you are a leader. Simply put a leader is the one in charge. Regardless of your leadership role, successful communication matters. I am not talking about that ability to capture the attention of a crowd, convey vision, and inspire, although these are wonderful leadership skills. I am talking about that the … Read More