Why You Bite Off More Than You Can Chew & What to Do!

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Remember the game Chubby Bunny? I haven’t played Chubby Bunny for quite some time- at least not the version where you pop marshmallows into your mouth one by one until you are no longer able to say “chubby bunny.” Oh, no! Rather than popping sweet puffs of air into my mouth, my version of Chubby Bunny was stuffing my schedule with one weighty responsibility after weighty responsibility until I could barely breathe… literally! I know I am not alone! Are you overwhelmed, stressed, or too busy? Does it feel like the world is resting on your shoulders? Perhaps, like me, … Read More

6 Reasons to Ban the Word Busy

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Illustration of a hummingbird

Hanging over our kitchen table are three red pendant lights. They accent the contemporary vibe of our kitchen nicely, and they attract hummingbirds like a magnet. It is not unusual at our house to be interrupted during a meal by a hummingbird flying smack into our kitchen window! At times, they make a second attempt to reach what they perceive to be a hummingbird feast, but are actually our striking pendant lights. As persistent as they are small, the hummingbirds will linger, frantically flapping their wings at our window, in hopes of getting to that nectar. Hummingbirds are remarkable little … Read More