PROPEL – A Group Coaching Adventure to Help YOU Overcome Procrastination!

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Are you the Queen of Procrastination or the King of Putting Stuff Off?

How is procrastinating limiting you professionally? What’s it costing you that you NEVER get to “that”? How is perpetually putting important tasks off keeping you from achieving your goals and the level of success you desire? What’s procrastinating keeping you from? A thriving life? Peace? Getting where you want to be?

Join me for a Group Coaching Adventure and put an end to your habit of procrastination!

It’s an opportunity for you to…
  • Accelerate your progress on a specific project, task, or habit
  • Overcome the limiting beliefs/thinking that are holding you back
  • Face the emotions that are holding you back
  • Gain momentum
  • Learn from others
  • Be proactive!
What’s included in the Group Coaching Adventure?
  • 2 – 1 hour Private coaching sessions – one at the beginning & one at the end by phone
  • 4 – 1 hour Group Coaching Sessions: 8/16/18, 8/23/18, 8/30/18, & 9/13/18 @7pm ET online with video (Those dates & times don’t work for you? Let me know! Let’s explore other times.)
  • Exercises to help you move forward
  • The support of a coach and the others in the group

All for $277!

Space is limited! Minimum of 4 people needed – tell a friend!

Deadline to participate: August 10th, 2018

Discover the JOY that comes from completing tasks long put off.

Participating in one of Marvae’s Group Coaching Adventures was well worth it! A year later, I continue to apply what I learned just about every day!
– Annie Owens
Take the next step and let me know you want to participate here.

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