An Overwhelmed Coach’s Confession

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Illustration of words on a chalkboard: "To Do List: #1. Everything"

Even a Certified Christian Life Coach gets overwhelmed sometimes! Right now I am in the process of downsizing and moving to a new state. Sorting through everything we have accumulated in the last 28 years with three kids has been overwhelming. What do you keep? What do you pack? How will it all fit in a smaller home? Even more stressful, how it will it all get done in time? The routine things in life come easy to me. I thrive on a consistent rhythm. When it comes to working out, spending time with God, paying the bills, or planning … Read More

What’s Around the Edge?

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Photo of wheat against a blue sky

Ever feel like the fast forward button has been pushed? Even with all the advanced technology it seems like more and more must fit into a day. The days of rocking on the front porch, sipping tea and shooting the breeze is a thing of the past – or is it? No matter how demanding life gets, I still chose how I will use my time. Tasks may come my way that I can’t avoid, and some seasons are busier than others. Ultimately what my life is about is up to me. This season for me includes keeping up with … Read More

Solving the Puzzle of Life

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Photo of a lot of puzzle pieces

Putting puzzles together in my spare time is one of my favorite activities; the more pieces and the more challenging, the better. It allows my mind to focus on the task at hand and to wander and ponder all at the same time. In keeping with the kind of person that I am, I have a system for putting puzzles together.  First, I complete the boarder, sort by color or texture as I go, and then I start in the most obvious spot and work my way out from there. The most important part of my system: place the box … Read More

7 Things That Undermine Your Confidence

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The word "Confidence" on typesetter's block letters

At times I have thought that my wardrobe, experience, credentials, connections, or a bold attitude would give me confidence. These things are helpful, but they are not the source of confidence. In college, I decided to take a law class my freshman year despite it being an upper level class. The subject seemed interesting, it fit my schedule, and, having done well in high school, I didn’t even think twice about the level of the course until the first day of class. I soon realized that the others in the class were far more experienced college students than I was. … Read More

Even Miss Independent Has One!

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Photo of a cute little girl wearing glasses

From the time I was a little girl I liked doing things myself! Independent is an understatement! I had big ideas, big plans, and asking for help was always a last resort! I have gotten no less independent with age, but I have learned the importance of enlisting the help of others. That’s why I have my own Life Coach. Yes, this Life Coach has her own delightful Life Coach! I have regular appointments with my Life Coach and those coaching times push me to be better in all areas of my life. I am thankful for the supportive relationship … Read More

The Rub

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Photo of a purple woman's shirt

I shifted. I tugged. The tag just kept rubbing me the wrong way! It didn’t matter that it was one of my favorite blouses; I couldn’t wait to change clothes! Maybe I am extra sensitive, but tags can rub you raw and leave a mark! It made me wish that all clothes had followed suit with Hanes, who launched the memorable “go tagless” campaign back in 2002. The “go tagless” campaign was spurred on by two factors: flat sales and their reputation for comfort. It worked! Hanes enjoyed a 70% increase in sales and got people talking about their underwear! … Read More

Lessons Learned from an Exploding Band

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Photo of a woman stretching

I like to work out. I know most people don’t, but I actually enjoy it. I especially enjoy variety – walking, circuit training, Pilates, weights, kickboxing: anything to get the muscles working and the heart revving.  After a workout, my mind is always clearer, and I feel stronger and have more energy! I had a funny moment in the middle of a challenging Pilates band workout recently. While lying flat on my back, legs and arms outstretched with the middle of the band around the arches of my feet and the ends tightly in my hands, the band suddenly split … Read More

Porcupine Encounters

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Illustration of a porcupine

When you interact with people, you are sure to encounter a few “prickly” ones! These are the people that John Ortberg refers to as “porcupines” in his book Everybody’s Normal Till You Get to Know Them. We all long to be close to others, but often we operate out of the “poke you before you poke me mentality.” As leaders, it is inevitable that you will encounter porcupines. The real question is how will you make nice with the porcupines in your life? In today’s world, people tend to be especially prickly in e-mails. Sometimes it is because you don’t … Read More

Past the Picket Fence

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Illustration of a quaint white house with a picket fence

There was a time when I imagined myself arriving in life and living in a house with a white picket fence. Life would be neat and tidy because my hard efforts would have paid off. Life would be good. So far, that day has not come. I have been blessed in many ways and I love my house, but life is rarely neat and tidy. Even more importantly, I have realized that a “neat and tidy” life is not the goal. The goal is a life that glorifies God. A life where He shines in the midst of my chaos! … Read More


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Illustration of a car buried in the snow

You don’t have to live in the Atlanta area to know that last week’s storm created a lot of drama! A measly three inches of snow turned ice stranded thousands of motorists on the interstates overnight. More than a hundred people were injured. Many abandoned their cars in pursuit of food, water and warmth, turning the freeways into parking lots. Parents were unable to pick up their children, forcing schools to become shelters. And in the midst of the craziness, the weather mess also created the chance for many to reach out and help those in need while others whooped … Read More