6 Ways to Becoming a More Balanced Leader

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Illustration of a man walking on a tightrope

Balance is a tricky thing. It is about control. Balance is achieved when there is just the right tension between strength and flexibility. Muscles that are overworked are stretched their flexibility limiting the range of motion and affecting balance. Muscles that are less tight, but lack strength, also upset balance. Balance requires your entire body to work together: your brain, eyes, ears, and stabilizing muscles. It requires significant kinesthetic awareness. And when you have great balance it helps to prevent injury. Falling down can be painful – just ask a toddler learning to walk! The idea of balance applies to … Read More

Your Life: Passive or on Purpose?

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Photo of water cascading over rocks

Over the years I have had the delight of teaching children of all ages, and my favorite age to work with are the preschoolers. Preschoolers approach life in a way that is innocent, inspiring, and humorous. Preschoolers dream big. They embrace possibilities. They have not yet encountered the world that dashes dreams and hampers confidence. I think it is just one of the many characteristics that God treasures in children! When you ask a preschooler what they want to be when they grow up, they boldly share that they want to go to the moon or be a garbage man. … Read More

The Anchor Advantage

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Photo of a boat anchor hanging over water

Winter has been cold here in Georgia, making a California girl like me long for summer. It makes me appreciate the gloriously sun-filled days last summer and the time I was able to spend boating. Being on the water is delightful whether you are putt-putting around or seeing how fast you can go. The most pleasant moments on a boat for me are those spent anchored in a peaceful bay and indulging in delicious food and deep conversation with people I treasure. I am not an expert in boating, but I do know that peaceful moments on a boat are … Read More


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Picture of a magnifying glass with the word "Perspective" at the top. In the distance, the words "Future" and "Past" are blurry. Nearby, the words "Present" and "Eternity" are clear.

It had not happened to me in quite some time, but I got the flu! Being sick over Christmas – definitely not good timing! Nearly two weeks later, I had a realization! While sick, I felt like I had always been sick. It was challenging to remember what being healthy felt like. It was hard to believe I would ever be well again. The worn down, lack of appetite, feeling felt like it would go on forever. I am not sick that often. The truth is, most of the time I have oodles of energy and zest for life. I … Read More

A Blank Canvas

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Image of a blank canvas resting on an easle

There is a certain thrill in making a blank canvas come to life. The process of playing with colors and textures and transforming a blank page into something wonderful is exciting. It doesn’t matter if I paint alone or attend a class with friends where an artist guides me through the process, it brings me joy. That’s the bright side! There is also the flip side, where the blank canvas stares back at me and I am at a complete loss as to where to begin and what to create. It is always that first dab of paint on the … Read More

Change Your Life With Just One Word

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Framed image that reads "Proactive: Initiating rather than reacting...'response-able.'"

With the end of 2013 creeping up on us, it is time to begin to think about changes you would like to make in the new year. About 45% of the population will make New Year’s resolutions, but according to statistics put out by Journal of Clinical Psychology last December, only 8% of the people will keep them. How can you successfully create the desired change in your life and leadership? Not by making New Year’s resolutions! What if there was a way to create change in your life that was simple and yet had profound implications? That’s what I … Read More

Scrumptious Flavor!

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Photo of a turkey being carved

At my house, my husband is the one who prepares the turkey at Thanksgiving, leaving me free to focus on the rest of the trimmings. While he has always made a delicious bird, the last few years it has been especially scrumptious. He has followed Alton Brown’s recipe, which takes some time and love. We have discovered that brining produces fantastic results. Brining is a process similar to marinating. A brine is a mixture made of primarily salt and water that flavoring can be added to that helps meat keep its moisture. A marinade, on the other hand, is more … Read More


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Photo of an adult holding a baby's hand

Over the years my husband and I have had the privilege of supporting friends and family in the process of adoption. There are two things that stand out to me about the adoption process. First, no two adoption scenarios are the same. Second, the process is arduous and not for the faint of heart. More than twenty years ago, friends of ours adopted three children, over several years, from two different birth moms. With their middle son everything seemed to be fine until the birth mother decided she wanted her son back. In some states birth moms have the right … Read More

What’s For Lunch?

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Illustration of a cartoon man looking at a table with many different kinds of food on it

In a recent post I shared how leaders often fill their plates with more than they can handle – “The Taco Salad Principle.” Sometimes it isn’t just what you fill your plate with; it is also what you allow to fill your mind! Imagine all the meals you will consume in the next month spread out before you. All the things you will eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, the snacks, the dessert – all of it! Even the beverages you will drink. Rather than partake meal by meal, you attempt to eat it all in one sitting. One big feast! … Read More


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Illustration of a map

I admit it, I am behind the times. Not in every place in my life, but a few! I love maps! I love how they show you your route with a bird’s eye view. I don’t own a GPS. Last week, I left a lunch meeting to join my husband at an unfamiliar address accompanied by his GPS. This virgin experience with being guided by a GPS was far from fun! I am willing to admit that user error played a significant role; and I did arrive safe – just a little frustrated! Thinking back on the experience makes me … Read More