Let the Ugly Work for You

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Illustration of a heart with discouraging phrases like "I'm a failure" on it

Not that long ago I had a “dumper day,” – a bad, discouraging, bummer sort of day. It was ugly! In the midst of this I said a lot of things: “I don’t care,” “nothing matters,” “I can’t” were some of the tamer murmurings.

There were circumstances that contributed to my feelings. You could say I had a right to be down. The truth: I allowed myself to get pulled off center.

Yep! Even a life coach sometimes gets off track! How does that happen? While circumstances and people can be frustrating, they trigger feelings I have about me. Feelings that are buried deep down.

What’s the blessing in my “dumper day?”

It uncovered some things I needed to change. Matthew 15:18 reminds us that the things we say reveal what is in our heart – especially in those down moments. Pay attention to the things you say the next time you get frustrated and down. Reflect on them? What do they reveal about how you think?

God wants to grow us. His desire is for you to more clearly reflect Him in your life and leadership.  As you become more aware of the destructive thoughts and beliefs He is more able to use us for the purposes that He created us for.

Here are some things to keep in mind the next time you find yourself spiraling down:

Pay attention to the things you say!

Words are powerful! Even the words you whisper in your head. The old adage that “Talk is cheap” is a lie! Our words can cost us dearly! Slow down! Take the time to think about the things you say. What attitudes, beliefs, or lies do your words expose?

Let God tell you the truth.

Whatever negative thing you are telling yourself, lay it before God and allow Him to speak truth over you. Consciously imagine yourself uprooting the untruth from your heart and replacing it with His truth. Imagine the lies as weeds – yank them up! Then in their place plant the beautiful seeds of His truth and allow them to grow.

Create a structure for change.

We are quick to forget! We need constant reminders of truth. Keep the truth before you. Hang it on your mirror, your refrigerator and in your car. Make it your screen saver.

Then enlist the help of friends. Work with a coach. Invite them to hold you accountable to embracing the new way of thinking. We need each other to move forward in life. God created us as interdependent creatures.

Think about this structure as the means of watering the seeds of truth in your heart.

Get back on track!

With a new mindset you are prepared to tackle the significant things that God created you to do. With the ugly thoughts gone, you will have space to dream and embrace His call on your life. Then your life will be fruitful.

Let the ugly work for you.

There will be another ugly “dumper day” in my future no doubt – most likely one in yours too. The quicker we can take our thoughts captive the quicker we can get on with what He has created us for!

We use our powerful God-tools for smashing warped philosophies, tearing down barriers erected against the truth of God, fitting every loose thought and emotion and impulse into the structure of life shaped by Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:5 (MSG)

What about you? What brings on a “dumper day” for you? How do you turn things around and create change in your life and leadership? What long time ugly beliefs have you struggled to overcome?

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