4 Tips to Surviving the Tunnels of Life

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My husband and I have had the opportunity to travel around the world, and there is no better way to broaden your perspective on life! After my oldest son graduated from high school, we decided to take the family to Europe – a fabulous memory making adventure! We invited our three children to participate in the planning of this trip, allowing them each to pick a country to visit. The plan was to visit three cities and they decided on: London, Rome, & Dusseldorf. We began our adventure in London, and while we were there we spontaneously decided to add … Read More


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Picture of a magnifying glass with the word "Perspective" at the top. In the distance, the words "Future" and "Past" are blurry. Nearby, the words "Present" and "Eternity" are clear.

It had not happened to me in quite some time, but I got the flu! Being sick over Christmas – definitely not good timing! Nearly two weeks later, I had a realization! While sick, I felt like I had always been sick. It was challenging to remember what being healthy felt like. It was hard to believe I would ever be well again. The worn down, lack of appetite, feeling felt like it would go on forever. I am not sick that often. The truth is, most of the time I have oodles of energy and zest for life. I … Read More