Less Conflict, More Peace

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Peace – who doesn’t crave it? The idea of calm, stillness, and tranquility is incredibly appealing! Simply put, peace is the absence of conflict. As I observe those around me during the holidays, or really any time of the year, the vibe is anything but peaceful. Last week, I shared the role your personality plays in conflicts. Your personality is surprisingly predictable, but did you know there is an even more powerful factor in your conflicts? A factor that is just as predictable? Fear. My kids and I did our fair share of science experiments together. That was just one … Read More

You Will Find What You Focus On

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The first encounter took place while I was safely protected behind the wheel of my car. It was boldly soaking up the sun in the middle of the street right in front of our house – a black snake. Then, my husband had a surprise meet up with the creature in our garage while cleaning a day or so later. I prefer to assume it was the same snake rather than to think there are two on the loose! That was about a month ago. While I wouldn’t say I have Ophidiophobia (the fear of snakes), I am far from … Read More

Are Your Cravings Feeding Your Fear Monster?

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It’s not unusual to have food cravings when you’re pregnant. Pickles and ice cream were not what I craved with I was expecting my first baby. Nor did I crave Cheetos dipped in yogurt, spoonfuls of peanut butter topped with hot sauce, or sand – that’s the strangest pregnancy craving I heard of by far! What I craved: turkey, bacon, cheese, and avocado all piled high on a croissant. I yearned for these croissants so much they had me wanting to get back to work on Monday. You see, the sandwich shop on the ground floor of the office building … Read More

Is Your Fear Monster Messing With You?

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Last week I arrived at a networking event and I was immediately asked to sign a birthday card for a friend. While signing the card, it felt like I had accidentally written on my face. I asked the gal sitting next me to check to see if there was ink on my face. After careful examination she replied, “No.” Over the course of the event, and even afterwards, not a soul mentioned the lovely ink on my face. And having previously been given confirmation the ink was not there, I never gave it a second thought. While brushing my teeth … Read More

Have You Heard About FOMO?

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When happenings are positioned as “once in a lifetime” they are hard to ignore; and when schools close and people take time off work, you realize something big is about to take place. The news plays a part in the frenzy by repeatedly warning the public that highways will be crowded and hotels sold out because “everyone” will want to take in the historical event: the total solar eclipse. Missing out – that feels monumental! After all, the last total eclipse took place in 1918, so for most, it truly is a once in a life time event. I don’t … Read More

Stop Feeding Your Fear!

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Fire is a destructive force of nature.  It can quickly rage out of control and destroy everything in its path, as witnessed by the many recent wild fires in various parts of the United States. Fighting wild fires – that’s not cheap; in 2012 the cost for fighting fires that consumed 350,000 acres in the state of Washington was more than $70 million dollars. For those with breathing issues like me, the smoke from a fire can seriously hinder your ability to breathe. And anyone who has survived a house fire and lost precious memories – you understand that the … Read More

12 Sneaky Ways Fear Runs Your Life

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Remember being a child and fearing the Boogeyman and the dark? With a little help from your imagination, ordinary things became terrifying monsters that sent you running to mom and dad for comfort. Fear doesn’t discriminate – If you are human, you have fears. While you may have moved past being afraid of the Boogeyman, perhaps you can relate to these common fears: Flying Public speaking Heights Spiders Snakes Death Commitment Pain Enclosed spaces Mice Thunder & Lightning As adults, our imaginations continue to play a role in feeding our fears. They cause us to dream up some rather distressing … Read More

5 Tips to Help You Survive the Ups & Downs of Life

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When I was a teenager growing up in California, summer became official when these three things took place: a day at the beach in Santa Cruz, a week of camp at Alliance Redwoods, and riding the roller coasters at Great America with friends. These things brought me joy! All these many years later, I still fancy the beach, although I prefer more shade. Getting away for a week is delightful – especially if the hotel is comfortable and bit on the luxurious side. Riding roller coasters on the other hand – that just doesn’t interest me. The uphill climb followed … Read More

Is Fear Keeping Your Life Tiny?

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Playful illustration of a tiny house being held between someone's index finger and their thumb.

Tiny houses – they are the latest craze! Often mobile, these wee homes that are typically between 100 and 400 square feet, rarely more than 500 square feet. That’s small! Perhaps, just a hair bigger than the room you had growing up! There are a variety of reasons people are attracted to the tiny house lifestyle, including the lower cost of living, smaller carbon footprint, and the ability to transport your home. I confess, I find watching the various tiny house shows on HGTV and other networks fascinating. It is remarkable how they are able to puzzle together so many … Read More

Are You Pushed by Fear or Pulled by Love?

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Illustration of a woman being lifted into the air by a large heart-shaped balloon

Lately I’ve enjoyed a nice string of encouraging business developments – God has truly blessed me. Then last week I got some unexpected bad news. In the moment, it felt like my world was crumbling! Oh, lots of things are still going wonderfully – just negative things have a way of overshadowing the good stuff. How everything will shake out is still unknown. The unknown is not my favorite place. I like to be in control and have a plan, but life doesn’t always work that way! In the midst of the chaos, this quote landed in my e-mail in … Read More