The Crazy Thing About Contentment

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Is there anything more beautiful than a sleeping baby? I know I might be biased, but my granddaughter is simply captivating when she is snoozing away in my arms, on my son’s chest, or nestled comfortably next to her mama! She is the perfect picture of contentment. At just a few weeks old, all is well in her wee world! Her contentment is contagious – the stress and pressures melt away when she’s in my arms and the rhythm of our breathing syncs up. In today’s world, contentment is rare. Advertising intentionally tries to trigger discontent so that you think … Read More

Learning to Trust the Process

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My adventure with self-employment began when my kids were very young. It is hard to believe that was more than 25 years ago! The life of an entrepreneur is not for everyone, but I adore the freedom, flexibility, in addition to the chance to be creative. Self-employment also comes with some challenges! Sometimes you have to do tasks that don’t come easily and there is the need to make money – ne regular paycheck awaits! Lately, my concept of self-employment has taken on a whole new meaning. God has been whispering (He’s always so polite!) that in reality I am … Read More