How to Be More Assertive

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Miss P is my youngest granddaughter and as she edges closer to her first birthday, she has been asserting herself more and more. This little lady has opinions and is not shy about voicing them. In light of the fact that she only speaks a word or two, it is quite amazing that she can so clearly convey her desires. When’s she’s awake, her sweet chubby little finger is firmly pointing out her demands. The vast majority of Miss P’s desires are off limits for one reason or another right now, but that doesn’t keep her from declaring her wishes … Read More

8 Tips to Crank Up Your Confidence

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Illustration of a frying pan over flame

One of the TV shows my family and I like to watch together is Chopped. If you are not a foodie, perhaps you have not seen this show where chefs are given a baskets containing three to five ingredients, some of which are rather unusual, to incorporate into the appetizer, entrée, and dessert rounds. The chefs who best use the basket ingredients in each of these rounds move on in the competition. The one who isn’t as successful is chopped and eliminated from the completion until only one of the four chefs remains. More than once, the defining factor in … Read More

Your Leadership: Keep it Fresh

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Cartoon of woman getting her hair cut

Yesterday I woke up and knew it was time to get my hair cut. Not just a regular cut – but perhaps a whole new look. Bear with me men; when your hair looks great, you feel great. I know you can relate – the majority of you get your hair cut more frequently than most women I know. And there are those of you who shave your head – that happens with even more frequency! My mind has lingered on the idea of cutting my hair and exploring some new style. Hopefully one that can be managed despite all … Read More

The Key to Slaying Your Confidence Killers

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What would you be able to do if you were brimming with confidence? Ever feel like you are on a confidence roller coaster? Some days you have it and other days you don’t? Have you caught a glimpse of your purpose, an inkling of what God has in mind for you, but lack the gumption to make it happen? Have you settled – kept your life small and remained in your comfort zone? Whatever lurks outside of your comfort zone is for others – couldn’t possibly be for you! Human nature is to chase after job titles, money and the … Read More

7 Things That Undermine Your Confidence

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The word "Confidence" on typesetter's block letters

At times I have thought that my wardrobe, experience, credentials, connections, or a bold attitude would give me confidence. These things are helpful, but they are not the source of confidence. In college, I decided to take a law class my freshman year despite it being an upper level class. The subject seemed interesting, it fit my schedule, and, having done well in high school, I didn’t even think twice about the level of the course until the first day of class. I soon realized that the others in the class were far more experienced college students than I was. … Read More