How to Create the Atmosphere for Change

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Lately the weather in my neck of the woods has been bone chilling. There have been days that the temperatures have never risen above freezing. Hard to take global warming seriously when you are bundling up for days like that! Even though I live in Chattanooga, this California girl is a wimp in cold weather. Thank heavens the skies have been clear with very little precipitation because the conditions are perfect for snow and that’s something we aren’t well prepared for here. New habits are a bit like snow. They need the right conditions to formulate, stick around, and accumulate! … Read More

The Secret to Reinventing Yourself

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Working – it’s something I have relished for as long as I can remember. On Saturdays when other kids were playing, I went to “work” cranking out thousands of bows for all the baby gifts that were purchased and wrapped at several children’s clothing stores. Because I was paid by the bow, I came up with a creative system to keep track of the number of bows I produced. That job eventually morphed into working in the store as a sales clerk, while in high school and later my responsibilities expanded to include dressing the windows. It was a perfect … Read More

What Makes Change So Challenging?

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Are you a big dreamer? Do you find yourself brimming with amazing ideas? Are you known as a visionary; a true possibility thinker? That’s an amazing place to be, provided you also possess the ability to follow through and work hard to make those dreams a reality. Or are you a doer by nature who is not fazed by hard work? That’s also not a bad place to be, provided you have a dream worth pursuing. Whether you are a dreamer or a doer, in order for you to reach your full potential and walk more fully in who God … Read More

4 Changes I’m Making This Year

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Change – is it something you welcome, or something you resist? I have not always been thrilled about change. This year, somehow, making changes and developing new habits is something I am kind of excited about. It doesn’t hurt that the changes are ones I am initiating, and I can see the ways they will rejuvenate my life and reinforce my One Word: REFRESH. In spite of the desire, I am also fully aware of how change has a way of stretching me in uncomfortable ways. And I know cultivating new habits will teach me some valuable lessons about flexibility, … Read More

What My One Word Taught Me This Year

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My One Word adventure for 2016 has been a maze-like journey. Lots of winding and weaving my way through a year full of surprises! The treasure at the end: a host of cherished lessons that have changed my life for the better. This year reminds me of a birthday party activity my mom rigged up when we were kids. She had a knack for finding clever ways to make birthdays and holidays special. She a treasure hunt by stringing yards and yards of yarn from one end of the house to the other that ultimately lead to a treasure. There … Read More

Do You Dare to Renovate?

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I am hooked on renovation shows! Watching an ugly, outdated, and impractical layout transformed into an amazing workable space is mesmerizing! It makes change exciting! Not only do I appreciate the vision, creativity, and ingenuity it takes, I admire it. Some of my favorite renovation shows include The Property Brothers, Flip or Flop, and Fixer Upper. While not exactly a renovation show, I confess I also enjoy watching Tiny House Nation to see the unique ways they are able to cram so much into a small space. The results the renovation shows reveal – they are inspiring! Tempting! They urge … Read More

9 Tips For Climbing the Wall of Change

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Change can feel like you are hanging on for dear life, with fingers and toes gripping with all their might, frozen with fear. While you may know getting from where you are to where you want to be requires doing something, knowing what to do or how to do it – that’s another story. So you continue to grip harder, which only adds to your weariness, while progress continues to elude you. Rock climbing – a nearly perfect picture of change. For some, scaling a rock wall is no big deal. It is a welcome adrenaline rush, something to be … Read More

Jump the Tracks and Put an End to Your Circular Patterns

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Photo of a toy train running on a small circular track

A few weeks back, I had the opportunity to help with the two and three year olds at church on a Sunday morning. The bulk of my time was spent with an adorable young man with a special affection for trains. We built a circular train track and proceeded to have tons of fun guiding a train round and round. Occasionally the train hopped the tracks, but he was quick to get the train situated in its grooves again and continue the round and round adventure. Later, when reflecting on my new buddy and our train adventure, it struck me … Read More

Seven Secrets to Renovating Your Life and Leadership

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Image of a paintbrush, pipe wrench, and hammer

Watching too much HGTV can lead to the misconception that renovation is a quick thing. They are able to completely renovate a kitchen or bathroom in a half hour – or an hour at the most! The reality is that even small changes made to a home take time. We recently moved into a home that we are renovating while unpacking. Not something I recommend for everyone! It is a dusty, disorganized mess at the moment that can challenge my sanity. What keeps me going is that I know in the end it will be beautiful and function better for … Read More

It is OK to Eat Dessert First!

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Photo of a chocolate-covered strawberry

Why save the best for last when it comes to a great meal? After all, everything is going to the same place, right? What really matters is the quality of the food, not the order you eat it in. Good food is going to enhance your health, and junk is going to harm your health. So why do we always eat dessert last? Because we struggle to control our portions. Dessert, typically the least healthy part of the meal, is served last for those who have saved room. Just like with food, when it comes to making changes in life … Read More