7 Tips to Eradicate Black & White Thinking

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When my children were much younger, my husband and I tried to make decisions simple by offering them two choices. Did they want to wear this outfit or that one? Would they like to eat at the table or play? Did they want to share the cars or was it time for bed? These days, my kids are offering similar choices to their children – my “grands” as I call them. Most of the time, the choosing goes quite smoothly although, every now and then neither choice is acceptable, and tears ensue. When dealing with young children, binary choices go … Read More

Can a Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day Be Beautiful?

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Wouldn’t it be nice if every day went according to plan? For me, that would be coaching, blissfully crossing items off of my to do list, squeezing in a happy chat with someone dear, a little time with my nose in a book, and still being able to whip up a delightful dinner to enjoy with my husband. That would all add up to a practically perfect day. Most days are pretty smooth, but every now and then I feel like I just stepped into Alexander’s world. You know, Alexander from the book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, … Read More

Why You Bite Off More Than You Can Chew & What to Do!

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Remember the game Chubby Bunny? I haven’t played Chubby Bunny for quite some time- at least not the version where you pop marshmallows into your mouth one by one until you are no longer able to say “chubby bunny.” Oh, no! Rather than popping sweet puffs of air into my mouth, my version of Chubby Bunny was stuffing my schedule with one weighty responsibility after weighty responsibility until I could barely breathe… literally! I know I am not alone! Are you overwhelmed, stressed, or too busy? Does it feel like the world is resting on your shoulders? Perhaps, like me, … Read More

6 Beliefs That Might Be Limiting You!

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Humans have limiting beliefs. Leaders have limiting beliefs. One of those pesky limiting beliefs popped up in a recent coaching session I had with a group of leaders. They were feeling the pressure of deadlines and being understaffed around the holidays due to team members taking time off, all while trying to embrace some new skills. The prevailing sentiment was that they would have to wait to integrate the new learning (Do NOTHING) because they didn’t have the time it would take to fully utilize the new tools right now (Do it ALL). Limiting beliefs are sly! They often take … Read More

The Secret to Intentionally Tuning Into Your Heart

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When was the last time you tuned into your heart and really listened to what it was telling you? Sometimes the reception to my heart gets a little fuzzy. It reminds me a lot of the radio reception in my car on long drives. The further away from home I get, the more my favorite radio station begins to break up, becoming more and more difficult to understand. Distance isn’t the only thing that seems to affect my radio reception. It struggles on cloudy days and once it gets dark. Listening to my favorite station is pointless in those conditions! … Read More

3 Reasons You Might be Addicted to Stress

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There is nothing wrong with getting things done! The trick is striking the tension between getting things done and making time to relax. Attempting to do more than is realistic creates stress. By now you have gathered that I like to get things done! In fact, I am able to get a surprising number of things done. Relaxing, on the other hand, that does not come so naturally to me! It is something I have to intentionally work at! I have been challenged by my One Word for 2016: RECEIVE, to slow down and “receive” the gift of a more … Read More

Your Words: Healing or Hurting?

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Have you experienced this phenomenon? You settle in behind the wheel of your car, insert your keys to start your engine, and begin heading to your destination. Before you know it, you arrive with no real memory of the journey. Somewhere after leaving your driveway, you zone out and make the trek on auto pilot. Routine activities like driving often get less and less of your attention, especially as your life becomes more demanding. It is a bit frightening to imagine how many drivers on the road are far from present, risking safety for themselves and others. Those same stressors … Read More

Are You Pushed by Fear or Pulled by Love?

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Lately I’ve enjoyed a nice string of encouraging business developments – God has truly blessed me. Then last week I got some unexpected bad news. In the moment, it felt like my world was crumbling! Oh, lots of things are still going wonderfully – just negative things have a way of overshadowing the good stuff. How everything will shake out is still unknown. The unknown is not my favorite place. I like to be in control and have a plan, but life doesn’t always work that way! In the midst of the chaos, this quote landed in my e-mail in … Read More

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

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It’s a new year and a plethora of opportunities lie ahead. As a driven person, the prospects are energizing! If I am honest, there are also some unresolved challenges lingering in my life. While I have made significant strides and I am inhaler free, I have not yet arrived where I want to be with my breathing. I have been blessed with a difficult person to deal with, and I must confess I took on more than I should have over the holidays – still catching up! Like you, I am still a work in progress! While these difficulties are … Read More

Abundance Mindset: 13 Ways to Activate Yours Successfully

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After mama and dada, “Mine!” and “No!” are frequently among a child’s first words. If you are a parent, have worked with children, or have observed children you know that sharing is not something children are naturally eager to do. Helping children grasp the concept of sharing so that they can put it into practice is a necessary and slightly exhausting endeavor! As an adult, the expectation is that you have matured and mastered the skill of sharing. You may share in the most obvious ways; however, when you operate out of a scarcity mindset it is a tip off … Read More