Hi! I’m Marvae Eikanas, and I wish that we were able to get acquainted in person over a steaming cup of coffee. In lieu of that, allow me to share my story with you; I hope that soon you will share your story with me!

My Life

The people around me describe me as an energetic, disciplined, and organized “go-getter” that loves her family and loves God! I am passionate about helping people confront their Fear Monster and become all that God has created them to BE so that they can THRIVE personally and professionally.

I also love to read, cook, exercise, garden, create, and enjoy treasured times with friends! I’m passionate about life and feel abundantly blessed with the many roles God has had for me in my life.

My Family

My husband of nearly 33 years, Bradley, is my untiring champion. I’m so glad God brought us together! I’m the mother of three amazing adult children – Austin, Sierra, and Dayton. I homeschooled all three of my children from preschool to high school – a wonderful learning experience for us all. It enabled us to navigate the seven years my daughter battled a life-threatening immune disorder; I am happy to share that God healed my daughter. All three have graduated from college, are married, and now I get to enjoy grand kids – so much fun! My family just keeps on growing! My three grandkids brings tons of joy to my life!

My History

For 22 years, I have simultaneously managed a full family life, writing and publishing Bible curriculum for preschool and elementary children through Cantamar Publishing and holding various church staff roles. I had the pleasure of directing children’s, middle school, and youth ministries. I was responsible for a variety of church operations such as leadership coaching and development, community groups, and supervising team leaders. I also managed church communication.

My Coaching

I still have a heart for ministry despite stepping away from my church staff position after 22 years. Coming alongside leaders and helping them become more effective in their calling rewarded me more than any other aspect of my leadership experience. I would be delighted to help you on your leadership journey as you juggle your many areas of responsibilities. I long for you to discover who God created you to BE and how He can enhance your role as a leader.

Let’s have a conversation, with or without coffee, as you seek to lead life well and THRIVE at home, at work, and in ministry. Just click contact above to get started!

Marvae Eikanas and her family

Education & Experience

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